lunes, agosto 14, 2006

The Ultimates en el cine!!!??

Segun Zak Penn, (co escritor de X-men 3 y la proxima pelicula de Hulk) sera el que escribira la adaptacion de los AVenger para el cine en el 2007 y segun el dijo. sera inspirada por el comic THE ULTIMATEs!!!!:

“No question the thing that it inspired me was the Ultimates run,” Zak told me. “I thought it was brilliant, cinematic, and made me realize that a super hero team didn't have to be goofy. There has been a lot of discussion about whether it will be live action or a next-gen big budget CGI thing, but we've tabled it for awhile while I write the Hulk. I imagine we will make all these decisions next year.”


See you around campus